Future-FUN CAPS LOCKDOWN Special 50% off

Learning does not stop when Schools are closed.

Future-FUN CAPS totally ONLINE



Our company has development e-content theme-ebooks and assessments according to the CAPS to enhance classroom  teaching and learning.

We have created and developed digital material (both e-learning and e-teaching material) from gr 1 – 7, that covers the entire CAPS curriculum for every grade, for every subject, for every term, but more importantly per topic and per theme.  (78 Subjects available -39 subjects in Afrikaans and 39 Subjects in English).

Grade 1-7 FUTURE-FUN CAPS - Digital School Curricula

OFFLINE Monthly Licensee Agreement (39 subjects)

  • Upfront fee: 2 x Harddrives R3000, Teachers Training and Support (10 SACE PD Points) @ R350 per teacher.
  • Monthly OFFLINE Licencee Agreement  (50% Off):  Now only R2 270 per month Licensee Agreement


If your School signup NOW and pay the upfront fee - You will receive the Future-FUN CAPS ONLINE version FREE for this lockdown period only (April and May 2020)

Teachers FFCtraining will be done after Lockdown. 

Offline Teachers EBook’s per grade, per subject, per term,  per topic  and per theme. To implement this product every classroom needs at least a laptop and projector/big TV Screen/IWB.  

  1. Teachers Lesson planning Documents per term per subject.
  2. Digital Content Theme EBook’s per subject – CAPS Curricula (Subject Content, Flashcards, Self-Correcting Questions (Informal Assessments), Videos and songs)
  3. Assessment EBook’s per subject  with Assessment plans per term, Assessments, Tasks, Memos/rubrics and Score sheets according to CAPS 2020 version.
  4. Worksheets with memoranda. 
  5. Student Study notes (Electronic) per subject per term (New Development 2020/21) - Additional monthly fees 2021 - School can then print the study notes for students per term.

For more contact and detailed QUOTATION please send email to Gerda Janse van Rensburg as soon as possible

Lockdown 50% OFF Offer till 31 May 2020.

E-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Cell: 072 1200 369



 Our Company comprises education specialists, training experts, partners and directors  who are deeply committed to education.  As a fully accredited company, the group successfully operates in the fields of ICT and education.