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Training videos for Future-FUN CAPS


We have prepared some training videos for the FFC Online System in particular. These training videos are to assist your teachers. They should go through all the videos so they really know how the whole system works and fits together. Later on they can always come back and revise a section if they need to.

We will be including a short test/set of questions after each one to make sure each trainee understood that section. These “tests” are just to help the trainee, and are only compulsory if they would like a certificate for the course.  For these tests please click here to log in as a teacher, go to Curriculum, under any Grade, Term 1, 00User Guide is also the set of videos, as well as the tests.

Should you wish to complete the tests, complete the tests, take a screenshot of each test with the marks and send it to your regional manager to register you for the certificate.


01 Login

This video explains how to log in to the Future-FUN CAPS site with your password, create an avatar (if you wish), and looks at the broad layout of the program.




02 Teacher Support Document

This video shows you how the Teacher Support Document fulfills the CAPS requirements and provides teachers/parents with a teaching plan for each grade, each subject and each term. It explains in depth this Support Document and how it provides for your necessary admin needs as well.





03 Lesson plan

For each ebook there is a lesson plan outlining the knowledge and skills to be acquired by the learner, as well giving guidelines on how to use the resources.





04 Resources

These are the educational resources for the teacher and learner to work through. and consist of videos, presentations with content and questions, flashcards for vocabulary, worksheets, DBE worksheets etc. These are discussed in full.





05 Study material

This video outlines other material which is available on this digital platform to support the learner’s education.





06 Assessment

Both informal and formal assessment is covered in the FFC curriculum. This video explains them and delineates what is required for the per term formal assessment requirements of CAPS. There is an Assessment Plan, and everything you need for each assessment is provided, including the memorandums, rubrics etc.





07 Scoresheet

This is the spreadsheet developed for capturing all of the learners’ marks per assessment. At the end of each year a report is then printed for each learner.





08 Notes for Foundation phase teachers

There are a couple of differences in the structure involving Grades 1-3.





09 Communication

Built into the FFC system are ways for teachers to support and communicate with their learners, and for learners to submit work and communicate with their teachers





10 Progression Tracking

Teachers and parents can track the progression of learners to ensure that they do work through all the prescribed work.



11 Marks and Reports

Our system allows teachers and parents to upload marks for the learners and print out progress reports for the learners.



12 Search Function

Our system has a built in search function and in this tutorial you will learn how to use the search function.



13 Student Login

This video explains to students how to log in to the Future-FUN CAPS site with their password, create an avatar (if they wish), and find the material that they need to study.


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