Learning does not stop when Schools are closed.

Future-FUN CAPS totally ONLINE


Future-FUN CAPS Digital School Curricula Grade 1-7

for Educators and Learners


Futurekids South Africa has developed digital material (both e-learning and e-teaching material) from Gr 1 – 7, that covers the entire CAPS curriculum for every grade, for every subject, for every term but, more importantly, for every topic and for every theme.  

78 Subjects available - 39 subjects in Afrikaans and 39 Subjects in English.

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Online Teachers Registration 

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  • Register now  for 1 subject online @ R300 per term each (Get One Subject free) and /or
  • Register now for 5 subject online @ R150 per term each  and SAVE 50%!
  • Register now for 10 subject online @ R150 per term each (Save 50% and Get Two Subjects free)

 Complimentary Gift  - Electronic Covid -19 Posters for your school.



Future-FUN CAPS is the ONE STOP Curriculum in EDUCATION and saves teachers hours of preparation time and ensure that high quality learning continues.


Future-FUN CAPS is available in a

Virtual Learning Environment


  1. Online Teacher Training and Support.
  2. Teacher lesson planning documents per grade, per term and per subject.
  3. Digital Content per topic and per theme – CAPS Curriculum (Subject Content, Flashcards, Self-test Questions (Informal Assessments), Videos and songs (Enrichment).
  4. Worksheets with memoranda.
  5. Links toDBE workbooks.
  6. Formal Assessments per term with Assessment plans, Assessments, Tasks, Memos/rubrics and Score sheets according to the CAPS 2020 amended version.
  7. Student Study notes(Electronic) per subject per term.
  8. Student Online registrationare also available @ R10/Month/Student/Subject. 
    • Include all Subject content and Student Study Notes per term online.
    • Communication Model: Communication between teacher and parent/students via email/sms system.
    • Online teachers eManagement system with all the above e-Content included, and linked to a LMS where teachers can assign lessons with content, homework and tests to students. 
    • Communication and student progression monitoring is included on the online FFC system to smooth communication between the Teacher/Student/Parent.
    • Students Progression Reports can be printed.

Teachers/Students can access the FFC Online Curriculum using Laptops/Tablets /Smartphones.

Online Teachers Training videos available on our website:  - Tutorial tab.  These videos will give you an good idea of our product.

Please complete the Teachers online registration form attached (Type in Blue blocks)  and send back to me a s a p.

Looking forward to your teachers registration with Future-FUN CAPS Online, digital School curriculum.


Also Available through Futurekids:

  • Future-FUN CAPS totally OFFLINE version is also available for Schools without any Internet Connectivity.
  • Future-FUCAPS ICT Curriculum ( ICT skills Integrated into the school Subjects per Grade)
  • Future-FUCAPS Coding and Robotics Curriculum
  • Future-FUCAPS  Grade R Curriculum
  • Academix Reading program


We help and support Education in South Africa.


PLEASE have a look at our Future- FUN CAPS YouTube Videos:

 To implement this offline version of Future-FUN CAPS in the School, every classroom needs at least a laptop and projector/big TV Screen.  

Letter from PLC LEADER and Educator D2 Gauteng West (Clive van Staden)

 I would as an educator and as a PLC leader endorse this ICT resource to any school that wishes to use more than just a textbook. The interactive E-books and videos had a huge effect academically on my learners. Just in term 1 marks dramatically improved. The system also makes life easier for the educator as most of the administration work is already done for them. This results in better lesson preparation and delivery. All round I give this program a 10/10.  The full ATP is covered. This I personally verified. The full CAPS curriculum is covered. This we have also verified.

Schools using our product say they cannot be without it! This will be your best investment for your school. Our thoughts are with everyone affected by the Covid-19 outbreak and we hope that this will go some way towards helping.

If you do have any questions please get in touch with our Futurekids team via email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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