Education Department Gauteng
I did have a look at the Technology work, and I am happy with the way it is organised. A great deal of thought has gone into building lessons from what learners can easily relate to, and methodically introducing new knowledge and concepts.

The lessons have taken a cognizance of pedagogical consideration, which is the biggest problem many teachers have in delivering Technology lessons effectively.
This is precisely what is needed in Technology as a subject across South Africa.

Kind regards,
Keith Magagane (Education Department Gauteng)

Clive (PLC Leader) said: 

I would as an educator and as a PLC leader endorse this ICT resource to any school that wished to use more than just a textbook. 

The interactive E-books with presentations, videos and worksheets had a huge effect academically on my learners. Just in term 1 marks dramatically improved. 

The system also makes life easier for the educator as most of the administration work and assessments are already done for them. This results in better lesson preparation and delivery. All round I give this program a 10/10.

The full newest ATP is covered. This I personally verified. The full CAPS curriculum is covered. This were also verified by our Gauteng West PLC.

Gelukwaarts Plaasskool – van Stadensrus

  • Marks improved (3rd best  school results in the freestate Bloemfontein district with Natural Science  because of FFC and
  • Absence rate of students improved tremendously - specifically on Wednesdays and Fridays,
  • School student numbers raise because all students in the area wants to be at this school - 
  • 80 additional students came with busses from Wepener and van Stadensrus to the farm school because of Future-FUN CAPS. Additional 10 schools in the area now want to implement Future-FUN CAPS in order to keep the students at their schools.

Genl Hendrik Schoeman Laerskool – Hartbeespoortdam  

Teachers  said they can’t train anymore without Future-FUN CAPS digital material and student marks increase in all subjects.

Sedibeng pilot project

Comparison of Results
The Grade 6 Class Average of Drie Riviere Primary, Tsoelopele and Selbourne Primary were remarkably higher than the average of the pre-test:

  • Drie Riviere reported an increase of 15% in the class average, from 44% in the pre-test to an average of 59% in the November exams;
  • Tsoelopele as a full service Township school, reported a magnificent 27% increase in the class average, from 33% in the pre-test to 60% in the November exams.
  • Selbourne Primary school reported a magnificent 22% increase in the class average.

Comments from Pilot School Teachers

  • “The Learners’ attitude and discipline have definitely improved!”
  • “Madam, for the first time I understand long division”
  • “Our learners just love it!”
  • “The Program was made for good teachers to become even better teachers, and for not so good teachers to become good teachers.”
  • “It is a fantastic program, when I opened it I wanted to cry.”
  • “I used the videos specifically on days that learners tent not to attend school and suddenly my classes were full. Wow!”
  • “The Math skills of my learners improved exponentially as they learn with so much fun.”