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About Futurekids:

Futurekids is an Internationally recognised company established in 1983 in LOS ANGELES. For 39 years learners from all over the world have reaped the benefits of using the world-renowned Futurekids ICT curriculum for Primary Schools. 
Futurekids provides a holistic computer curriculum designed to meet your school’s specific requirements. 

Codi Award Winner 2009 for BEST ICT Curriculum in the WORLD.
Futurekids has operated in South Africa since 1994.
Futurekids is the one stop solution for all your school’s Curriculum requirements.
Futurekids supports and enhances Education in South Africa and across Africa.
An education adventure into the future and beyond
A child’s future depends on their education, and it is our responsibility to ensure that they receive the best possible.

The Skillspro Group Solution empowers educators, students, and administrators to be proficient with the technology as a learning, instruction, administrative, and communication tool resulting in better learning outcomes and improved return of investment.

A wide range of content and skill development is woven into the curriculums of Futurekids, including computer sciences and educational components such as Future-FUN CAPS, Coding and Robotics, Keyboard skills, Word processing, Graphics and Design, Environmental simulation, Computer-assisted mathematics and reading, and Logical thinking skills

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Future-FUN CAPS Digital School Subjects Gr R-7

Futurekids South Africa has developed  e-content theme e-books and assessments

according to CAPS to facilitate and enhance classroom  teaching and learning.

(84 Subjects available - 42 Subjects in Afrikaans and 42 Subjects in English)

We have specifically developed this product for the Primary schools, as we believe 

that we need to build a strong foundation in Education to help our students achieve 

excellence later in their schooling careers.

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