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About Skillspro Group


The Skillspro Group is a uniquely positioned  group of small businesses in terms of its ability to implement various training systems into Education Departments, Universities, Colleges, Schools and into the Corporate and Private Sectors.
It has the infrastructure with the curriculum development and management experience to provide complete ICT and Professional Development training solutions for educators, pre-schools, primary schools, secondary schools, FET Colleges, HED Institutes, SETAs, Government Departments,
Learnerships and Corporate businesses anywhere in South Africa and into Africa. The Head Office of the business is based in the town of Fochville in Gauteng and the regional staffs are spread over all 9 provinces





Education and Skills Development should continually anticipate and research the future needs of society, and work towards fulfilling those needs. Successful implementation can be accomplished through excellence in the delivery of professional development curricula, learning content, learning support material, facilitation and skills development making use of modern technology such as e-learning and ICT’s in SUB- SAHARA AFRICA






Our Skillspro Group’s vision is to be seen as delivering all products and services to Education, with passion, integrity, consistency and excellence throughout South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa and to help with the upliftment of our nation.






To empower students in SA to be proficient for better learning, instruction and communication and through this process help to contribute to the upliftment of our nation; help to expand and enrich the learning environment; help to promote educational and training excellence; and help to encourage creative thinking, lifelong learning, social responsibility, community upliftment and nation building.


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